The Importance of Insurance and Communication Plan

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HI215: Reinbursement Methodologies

Topic #1: The Importance of Insurance

Do you know enough about how health insurance works? About your own health insurance? What about your particular state that you live in?


Access the Map of NAIC States & Jurisdictions from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and search for your state.

  • Does your state’s insurance commission have a mission?
  • List at least two consumer-related topics on the insurance commission’s website.
  • In your own opinion why do you think it is important, or not, to have health insurance?
  • What is the impact of not having health insurance from a personal perspective and psychosocial perspective?


National Association of Insurance Commissioners. (2020). Map of NAIC states and jurisdictions

HI230: Quality Assurance and Statistics in Health Information

Topic #2: Communication Plan
The experts explain that a communication plan should describe needs and expectations. It should also be specific to need to know parties, as well as being consistent and timely. Why do you think this is this so important? What are the positive effects of the well thought out success plan and the negative?

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