The American Red Cross Research Powerpoint

  • The American Red Cross
  • Research the agency’s official website (be absolutely sure it’s the correct website!). (The American Red Cross)
  • Create a Power Point Presentation file containing information from 1-12 below. The power point file should be between 10 and 12 slides in length, including an appropriate title slide. Include suitable graphics and keep it professional looking! Note: You may ONLY directly quote from the agency’s website as noted in item four below; ALL other information MUST be written in your own words (remember, I also have access to the websites, and plagiarism will cost you DEARLY, so don’t do it!).
  1. The agency’s name and official website
  2. Contact information (address / telephone) of main and/or local offices
  3. The TYPE of agency (e.g., governmental, charitable / religious, foundation, etc.)
  4. The agency’s mission (quote this directly from their website)
  5. A brief history of the organization
  6. Population(s) serviced by the agency
  7. Service(s) and/or information provided by the agency
  8. Funding sources (where do they get their money?)
  9. How the agency’s services are provided / accessed OR how one can volunteer / contribute
  10. For charitable agencies: Detail their fundraising / outreach events; for Governmental agencies: Determine who the agency reports to; for Foundations: Discuss the agency’s founder(s)
  11. Relevant data / statistics / financial information
  12. And finally . . . Tell a story!
    • Pretend you want or need to access your agency’s services. Create a short story detailing who you are, why you are seeking this agency’s services, how you found out about the agency, how you contacted the agency, the specific services or information you received from the agency, and how you personally benefited from the services / information you received (this should be no more than two slides of your presentation).

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