Subprime Mortgage Crisis PowerPoint Presentation


Case Presentation:Please adopt the style of an executive summary prepared for the chief executive officer—clear, concise, and pertinent.

  • Begin by giving a brief overview of the issues.Was there a lack of objectivity in what happened?You may want to answer the questions provided in the case to formulate the structure of the presentation.
  • Were violations of accounting principles involved?
  • Were there violations of ethical conduct outside of accounting issues?
  • Discuss the events in the light of one of the ethical theories presented in the text.
  • If integrity is the most desired leadership quality, how did the participants command respect?
  • Was the auditor’s independence compromised?If so how was it accomplished?
  • Were there violations of AICPA, SEC or TXBPA ethics rules?
  • Documentaries regarding Ethics and corporate governance may be useful in covering the topic

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