Response needed

Please respond to autumn with 150 words: also attached is a video

I’ve seen a similar video. It reminded me of the facts that I already knew. That we spend a lot of time doing activities such as bathing, working, commuting, and other various activities the video stated. We don’t realize how much we spend on normal everyday activities until our time is up.

The changes I would like to make are to stop commuting and spending so much time driving to and from work. Right now, it is not possible, but I am trying to make it a goal by the end of 2022.

I definitely waste a lot of time doing activities that are not useful or helping myself in the long run. I spend at least an hour on social media each day. This is after I have placed a time limit on it. I need to cut to down to 30 minutes each day, or 3 hours a week. Social media does not help anyone in the long run.

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