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This week, instead of using the CA Education Guidelines, we will use a CA Department of Education program site. These are programs you could use to meet some of the health education standards. (This one would meet Standards under the content area of “Nutriton”.) We do need to practice making our lessons have measurable goals so that is also a focus of this assignment.

**You need to review and mark the SMART GOALS lesson as done before you can start the assignment

Link to the California Department of Education site for Health and Nutrition. (Links to an external site.)

To help everyone out, I did an example activity for you in the instructions. Use this as an example. It doesn’t need to be exactly this format but it should have all these components.

More specifically it must:

1. An educational activity that relates to a California Healthy Eating and Nutrition programs from the link above. For example, “My activity integrates the CA Healthy Eating and Nutrition program of y. It is for student x age.” I will use these activities…

2. The activity needs to be interactive. Children need to be involved to learn. Just talking to students about health is part but cannot be all of it. Have them do something!

3.Please read the SMART goal handout. Goals must be measurable. It needs to be “by the end of the year child will be able to name 2 fruits, 2 vegetables” or By the end of the lesson the student will be able to name the levels of the food pyramid” It cannot be ” Students will learn about healthy eating”.

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