public health: answer 2 discussion questions and reply others post

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Week 5 Discussion 1 (Intervention Dissection)

Go back to your first discussion post — the scavenger hunt — and pick one that is part of a public health intervention. It could be education, regulation, or prohibition; remember that virtually everything that public health does in an intervention of some sort. Repost the photo and dissect the intervention in 150-200 words, answering the following questions:What kind of intervention is it?What is the goal of the intervention?Who is the audience or focus of the intervention?Do you think it is successful or not? Explain why, based on the reading about changing people’s behaviors.What do you think would make it more successful?In your one response (30-50 words) comment on your classmate’s analysis — do you agree or not? Why?

Week 5 Discussion (Chronic illness is difficult) – GROUP 9

Only one post for Week 5!Treating chronic illnesses medically and as a public health problem are very different.For this post, discuss a chronic illness that you have experience with and answer these following questions – with a specific supporting evidence that you can link to.How are the medical and public health approaches to this particular chronic illness different?What are the main advantages and disadvantages of the two approaches?Ex: My uncle has imaginaryitisPublic Health tries to prevent it by doing X and doctors treat it by doing YProvide links for both.X is better than Y because of A, while Y is sometimes better than X because of B.Briefly explain both sides. Provide linked evidence or your experience as evidence.Reasons can include speed, efficiency, ease, cost, effectiveness, pain, pleasure, and so on.Evidence could be a link to a public health education campaign, a news article, or a scholarly work.In your one response, compare or contrast or offer information or ideas not yet mentioned.200-250 words for the main post, 30-50 for your response post.

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