Psychology Question

I’m working on a psychology project and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Literature Review Assignment

This assignment has FOUR parts. Make sure you complete each of FOUR parts for full credit. Please upload your finished assignment as a Word document.This assignment cannot exceed 2 pages.

  1. Variable Identification Question
  • What two variables are you focusing on for your literature review? It is OK to list your variables or state what you are using in a complete sentence.

Note: This information should be included at the top of your assignment.

  1. Research Article Summaries

Find three articles on your paper topic and BRIEFLY (i.e., ~1-2 paragraphs for each article) summarize each article by answering the following questions.

  • Article summary: Answer the following questions in paragraph format for each article

Summaries can be BRIEF – i.e., ~1-2 paragraphs for each article

  • What is the overall topic?
    • Briefly, why was this study needed; what was the rationale for it based on previous research?
  • What is the hypothesis of this article? (If they have more than one, list no more than three.)
    • What did they think was going to happen?
  • What was their method?
    • Briefly describe how they conducted the study – How did they measure what they wanted to measure (survey, experiment, biological measures)?
  • Was the hypothesis(es) supported by the results of the study?
    • What statistical analyses did they conduct?
  • What do the results mean, in normal language?
    • How can you explain what the researchers found?
    • What do these findings mean (what is the big picture)?
    • How do these findings relate to what was discussed in the introduction?
  1. Hypothesis
  • After summarizing the three articles, state your hypothesis for your two variables of interest. Make sure you write out in a full sentence what you expect this relationship to be.
  • Remember you should have either:
  • A correlational hypothesis – in which you will discuss the predicted strength and direction of your correlation


  • A t-test hypothesis in which you are predicting differences between groups, choose one group that you expect to be different from all others, specify whether more or less.
  1. Citations

After stating your hypothesis, include APA-style citations for the three research articles

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