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Based on the problem statement that you submitted in Week 6, you will take the next step in this assignment—to find out what is already known about your topic.

The literature review is a key step in research in psychology: the point at which you summarize the state of what is known in your topic area, and highlight what remains to be learned. The literature review that you complete for your dissertation will provide the primary evidence to support the importance of your dissertation topic. The word review may not communicate the full process involved. A well-developed literature review does review the research that has been completed in a particular topic area. However, it also synthesizes the results of that literature and attempts to paint a clear picture of the state of knowledge on that subject.

when you examine the Draft Literature Review Scoring Guide, the expectation is that you have made a solid first attempt. That means three things: that you have made good use of the feedback you received on your week 6 assignment to further focus and clarify your problem statement, that you have done a good job of identifying what you consider to be the 10–12 most significant recent scholarly sources in your topic and problem area, and that you have digested these sources thoroughly enough to be able to synthesize their content into a coherent statement of the current knowledge in your problem area. Your draft literature review need not be perfect or completely comprehensive. However, it should demonstrate your beginning mastery of these aspects of the doctoral research thinking process.

  • Review the sources you have already found on your topic, including the ones you found for your Week 4 assignment, and refine your list of key words that will help you focus your search productively. If you need some help with this process, review the resource Get Critical Search Skills.
  • Continue your search, looking for those sources that seem to most clearly address the topic and problem area you chose. You may need to consider at least 20–25 sources before you can come up with the 10–12 you need to represent current knowledge in your topic area.
  • Read the articles in depth, starting with those you believe most directly address your problem area. For a method to accomplish this process, review the Locating Common Themes in a Literature Review presentation.

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