Psychology Question

I’m working on a psychology report and need a reference to help me study.

Information about the paper:

Your research paper is on the behavior of breathing. Tell how the brain is being involved in that behavior. Be thorough! This paper needs to be supported by research. At minimum discuss how the four lobes of the brain work to get this behavior. You can also be more specific with different regions of the lobes. The frontal lobe will probably be a big section of the paper. Include references, etc. The paper needs to be in APA style. Title page and the references in APA. This paper needs to be supported by research and thorough!! Page 1 should be the Title Page including the title name. Page 2 should include only the Abstract (summary of the entire paper, 250-300 words). Page 3 is where you start the paper, here you can put the introduction, and conclusion. Perhaps structure the paper under the four lobes. Again, the start of page 3 should have 6 headings including the introduction, the 4 different lobes that are involved in breathing techniques, then the conclusion.

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