Project topic



The purpose is to design and implement an algorithm for solving a specific problem.You should propose a topic and complete the project.


The project could be one of the following types:

1. Select and implement an algorithm that you have learned but have not yet implemented in the course.

2. Propose a new method or combine existing algorithms (including the ones that are covered or not covered by this course) with implementation for solving a practical problem.

Choose a project topic in the algorithm area. The project requires two documents (proposal and final report), both should be submitted on the scheduled due time.

PROPOSAL – A proposal stating explicitly

(1) Individual name,

(2) project type (indicated as one of the above types),

(3) what topic (or algorithm) you want to address, what you want to accomplish.

(4) If you work as a team, you need to clarify how you will assign the work each

other and what role you will take individually.

The proposal is to be submitted.

Project Report and Programming Codes.
Write up your final report, and submit along with your codes.

The final report should be about 5 pages long. In general, it should contain the following sections:

1. Title of the project and names of students

2. Problem Statement. Clearly state the problem and the objective of the project.

3. Algorithm description.

4. Results and discussion. Report your results, including outcome of the program,

problems or bugs unsolved (if any), and /or time complexity of the algorithm.

5. References (if any)

Note : PROPOSAL part is needed by July 27.

Project Report and Programming Codes can be submitted by Aug first week.

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