power point presentation

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(6-8 minutes of content with 6-7 slides;

Topic racial stereotypes (using surveys and creating awareness for the issue on campus)


A. Social Issue Summary

  1. This should inform the audience of what the team’s social impact issue is, why it is important, and why it was chosen.

B. Summary of Logistical Plan

  1. What is the plan of action the team is proposing, including the most important logistical details, and why is this plan best suited to address the issue identified?

C. Summary of Project Status (more information for this slide)

  1. What are the tasks that have been identified to date and what are the tasks still missing?
  2. What are some challenges faced by the team, and how has the team dealt with those challenges? Be specific.
  3. What are some challenges expected between now and the final project presentation? What plans are in place to mitigate these?

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