Political Science Question

I’m working on a political science case study and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

The test will focus on the material covered since the first exam. This is IV, V and VI on the course outline. There will be no essay question. The test will be open book.Be able to discuss the principles established in the following cases:Marbury v. MadisonMcCulloch v. MarylandPlessy v. FergusonBrown v. Board of EducationMiranda v. ArizonaRoe v. Wade Be able to define: judicial review, exclusionary rule, prior restraint, double jeopardy, felony, misdemeanor, and plea bargaining. Among the questions you should be able to answer are: How does the electoral college system work? What is an ex post facto law, writ of habeas corpus? What was the social background of the Founding Fathers? What were their motives in writing the Constitution? What are examples of how the original Constitution could be viewed as undemocratic? Be familiar with the content of amendments to the U.S. Constitution that made the U.S. more democratic. What is the process for adding amendments to the U.S. Constitution? What makes up the Supreme Law of the Land? What happens to one who is libeled? What are the rights of one accused of a crime? What is the role of the Supreme Court in determining our civil liberties? How does it make decisions? How does one become a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court? Why is plea bargaining encouraged? What is the difference between a criminal and civil case? What are the pro and con arguments made about the death penalty? Be familiar with criticisms made of the media and the relationship between the government and the media.

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