Policy Brief – What role should the US play in Iraq?

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Hello, tomorrow I have this upper division sociology course assignment due at 5pm PST, and it’s about – What role the US should play in Iraq (Afghanistan)? Please select this question if you have a strong understanding and background in the US-Middle Eastern foreign relations and events that took place. This assignment is relatively short, but is meant to have a lot of information packed in.

There is 5 important key steps to follow while writing this policy brief. Please include all 5 steps while responding to the prompt, it’s very important.

#1. Whats your role? (Role is give this time: head of the Middle East desk of the US State Dept ) #2 What is needed to be decided? #3 Background (information relative to issue) **#4 Detailed options on how to respond to problem. (should have at least 3 different options) **#5 Proposal- which option do you think is the best


What role should the US play in Iraq (OR Afghanistan) after the US troops are withdrawn? Give a) background, b) options), c) your recommendation. You have 500 words and may write in bullet point phrases or in full sentences. Choose EITHER Iraq OR Afghanistan (but NOT both).

You already know the question, and what role you are playing– you are to act as if you are the head of the Middle East desk of the US State Dept and asked to give advice on what role the US should play in Iraq (or Afghanistan, if you choose that option) after US troops have been withdrawn. Keep in mind the security needs of the US to prevent the rise of anti-American terrorist organizations and the concern for human rights and democratic institutions. Also be aware of the Sunni-Shi’a divisions and the influence of the Saudis and Iran in the region.

Your policy brief should be short and to the point. You can use phrases and bullet points, or write in full sentences. You have to cover three things: a) the background to the problem, identifying the major social and historical issues that are important at present; b) several possible options in responding (usually three, but it can be from 2 to 4 options); and c) your recommendation, including why you think it’s better than the others (or perhaps a combination of some of them) and why you think it would work. You can write the policy brief as a single essay, though it is probably sensible to break it into the three sections: background, options, and recommendation. Do not write more than 500 words.

You should refer to the readings for the course and the lectures, but do not need to have full citations. You can just say “as was mentioned in the lecture,” or “in the article by Filkins.” You can also refer to books, articles, or news items as well, by citing them like this: “as the New York Times reported,” or “on the al Jazeera website it said.”

You can refer to your notes. But do not try to upload a pre-written file since the site will not accept it.

If you have any questions before the assignment send me an email. If you have an questions during it, use the chat function.

Reading- https://www.npr.org/transcripts/156504634 https://www.nybooks.com/articles/2011/01/13/way-ou… https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/the-dilem…

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