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You will be investigating the somatosensory system and diseases of the eye and ear.

You will need to produce a Word document and upload your completed assignment


Your submission must pass a Turnitin similarity check with less than 30% similarity in

order to earn a grade. Turnitin allows 3 submissions within a 24 hour time period so you

can check your similarity score.

You must also reference your assignment per APA guidelines and the assignment must

be at least 350 words in length.

Your submission must include the following:

1. Choose a disease of the eye or ear. Describe the disease, how it affects the normal

anatomy or physiology of the eye or ear (which structures are involved and how the

disease alters their function), and how the disease is treated.

2. Choose 2 somatosensory receptors. Include a description of each receptor, what they

sense, and which part of the brain processes the information from the receptor

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