Please answer these questions on Tabacco Control

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Address the following questions related to your assigned target: Tabacco Control

  • The nations collaborating on the Sustainable Development Goals revisit them to ensure progress is being made. You are tasked with presenting background information on the specific health target related to SDG 3 for the next such meeting. You are expected to expand upon the brief summary on the resources provided in your required learning activities folder.
  • First, discuss how the target selected is relevant to global health. Has there been any progress or improvement in achieving this target for SDG 3?
  • What are some interventions that nurses could implement to address this specific target?
  • Nurses are aware that disease affects the health of people globally. You will also notice many of the SDG health targets are preventative, in other words, they fit within the ANA Code of Ethics element regarding social justice. Discuss what nurses can do within the scheme of a global public health effort to address the health target you were assigned. As you respond, consider the healthcare setting where potential patients will present. Think about the target-related concern & the impact on specific countries & ethnic groups. Please answer these questions in about 500+ words using sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and Americian Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics. Please add references/citations and intext citations. Thanks

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