Philosophy Question

I’m working on a philosophy report and need a sample draft to help me study.

3 double-spaced pages

Write this essay as if you were teaching it to another student or trying to explain it to another person.

Essay 1:

You brought the enemy into this house, Sister. You gotta go. —Mary Beth Percy

If you have already watched Dead Man Walking, you can almost certainly guess the shape this essay will take.

Prompt 1:

Using Zizek and by reference to Dead Man Walking, explain how the charity that Sr. Helen enacts in this film is an example of true Christian love.

Prompt 2:

How does Dead Man Walking help us understand why, for Zizek, the Absolute is fragile?


To respond to Prompt 1 well, identify and make use of each of the following terms:

The order of the imaginary

The order of the symbolic

The order of the real

‘Neighbor’ in each of the three orders

‘Enemy’ in each of the three orders

The object treasure

Striking out at oneself

As for Prompt 2, I will leave that up to you to decide.

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