Personal affirmation

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After reading Chapter 3 pages 81-100, we will practice personal affirmations. As Kurt Vonnegut Jr says, “We are what we imagine ourselves to be.” In this activity, you will create a personal affirmation. If you repeat your affirmation often, it will help you make choices that will strengthen the personal qualities needed to achieve your goals and dreams.


  1. Write a list of five criticisms you recall hearing from significant adults throughout your life. Be sure to skip a line after each criticism. For example, maybe a teacher once told you that you are “slow at learning”, or maybe your parents once told you that “you’re lazy”. Keep in mind that what you are about to write will NOT be shared with the class and is only viewable to the instructor.
  2. Underneath each criticism, write a positive statement that reclaims the quality that you were criticized for. For example, if the criticism is “You’re lazy,” you can counter this criticism with the positive statement, “I am a hard worker.” If the criticism is “You’re a slow learner,” you can counter with “I am intelligent.”
  3. These positive statements now become your personal affirmations. Say your personal affirmations twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. Try this for a week and see how it feels.
  4. Choose one personal affirmation to write about. Write a paragraph describing a specific experience when you demonstrated the desired quality of one of your personal affirmations. For instance, if one of your personal affirmations is “I am a hard worker,” discuss a time when you worked hard to succeed and complete a project in your school, home, or work life. Be descriptive and give detailed information to help me paint a picture in my mind of the situation.

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