NICU Case Study

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Step 1- QUESTION : Imagine that you are a bioethicist working at the hospital where Marc Mercurio’s case study is taking place. It is your job to advise the medical team and parents regarding how to proceed. Mercurio has given you a lot of medical information, and he’s also given his recommendations, after laying out the moral issues that informed them.

Thinking about the 4 principles of bioethics described in the Gade article, the 5 moral theories we studied last week, and your own moral values, what advice would you give? Be sure to lay out your view as clearly as you can, and give arguments to support it.

NOTES TO HELP / 4 PRINCIPLES TO USE – Ethics is the academic study of the morality of human action. What obligations, if any, do we have to ourselves, to other human beings, to animals, to the environment? Where do those obligations come from? What is the right way to act in various situations? How do we know?

The study of ethics is typically divided into two main areas: ethical theory, and applied ethics.

Ethical theory looks at moral frameworks that can be used to help us determine what our obligations are, and how we should act. There are many ethical theories, but we’ll be using five of them in this class: natural law theory, utilitarianism, Kantianism, contractarianism, and virtue theory.

Applied ethics takes those theories and then uses them to consider the morality of various situations and actions. Biomedical ethics is an applied ethics class. We’ll be studying moral issues regarding health care and medicine, including beginning of life issues (such as abortion), end of life issues (such as assisted death), and much more.

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