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This discussion post is optional but if you create an original post AND comment on someone else’s post in a constructive and reflective manner, you can earn 2 points extra credit per module discussion post. Posts are due by 2 p.m. Wednesday each week. Please use full sentences and proper grammar and punctuation. You cannot post in later weeks to this discussion hoping to earn extra credit.

For this module, reflect on the following:

Apple released its newest generation of the iPhone (Xs and Xr) last fall, and with the introduction of the smartphone more than ten years ago (though I suppose the Blackberry can be considered the first smartphone), our ability to connect to the Internet was revolutionized. Many companies now compete each year to one up each other with the latest technological advancements, and as consumers we scramble to keep up. Do you have a smartphone, and for how long have you owned one?(And if you are one of the few who does not have a smartphone, what has kept you from buying one?) Can you imagine not having one, and how much of your daily routine relies on access to your smartphone? How does your smartphone use differ from a standard computer or laptop?

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