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This assignment will allow you to present the skills and knowledge that you have gained this semester in Supply Chain Management. In this assignment you will need to read and answer the requirements of the following situational problem. The project includes an optional in person lab experience. See the collaborations page for details. The Case Details You are the Food & Beverage Director at a small property and the food costs have been on the rise. You are looking at four critical items that you believe are the root cause of the problem: ribeye steaks, canned whole peeled tomatoes, french fries and lettuce. Each item is the number one product in its category: Meats – Ribeye Steak Dry goods-WP Tomatoes Frozen – French Fries Produce – Iceberg Lettuce

Using the provided information and templates, you need to prepare a detailed 500-word minimum length report to present to the GM of the property and your Chef.

The report will contain the following elements:

  • Prepare a make or buy analysis for the NY Strip steaks comparing portion cut steaks vs. cutting them in house from a 110 Export Rib NY Strip Steak Make or Buy Template
  • Prepare a make or buy analysis for a contracted prepared shredded lettuce vs. using and cutting whole head iceberg lettuce Shredded Lettuce Make or Buy Template
  • Prepare a quality and cost analysis comparing the current distributor brand of WP Tomatoes against a national brand. Canned Product Yield Test Template
  • Prepare a portion cost analysis of the current cut of french fries compared to a new french fry suggested by a manufacturer representative.
  • After collecting all of the data and using the provided information, prepare the report that contains your conclusions and recommendations to the GM and Chef. Be persuasive when making your case. I uploaded all the resources you need

Here is the link to the Canned Tomato evaluation lab: Topic: Food evaluation lab – Canned Tomatoes Date: Apr 7, 2021 11:57 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Meeting Recording:

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