Industrial organization

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part one

Diversity in the Workplace

For this assignment you will examine the importance of understanding diversity in the workplace from both the worker and legal perspectives.

  • Examine multicultural diversity in the workplace by:
    • Identifying issues for women and working mothers
    • Addressing age discrimination
    • Exploring the rights of workers with disabilities
    • Discussing the legal implications of non-performance-based differences in monetary or promotional compensation
  • Explain the advantages and difficulties associated with an increasing diverse workforce.
  • Identify an organization that is benefiting from its diverse workforce and explain how it is benefiting.

  • part2
  • Realistic Job PreviewOften, when newly hired employees’ expectations are not met, they become unhappy with the job and quit. A well-designed realistic job preview (RJP), if provided at the right time to applicants, can have a significant impact on reducing turnover.Prepare an RJP for the post of a recruiting manager. The RJP should communicate both desirable and undesirable aspects of being a recruiting manager to an applicant before he or she accepts the job.Explain the direct benefits of providing an RJP to an applicant.Indicate your delivery preference for the RJP (e.g., verbal, videotaped, or written), and be sure to focus on both attractive and less attractive aspects of the job
  • There is no minimum just cover in detail with reference .

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