I’m working on a Field Research Proposal. Kindly help me finish this remaining sections


I am working on a research to explore the effects of NYPD stop and Frisk in Harlem NewYork. I plan to use a sample size of 300 people willing to take part in the survey. I will use cross-sectional design

  • Data Analysis: Explain how you would prepare your data to analyze it, distinguishing quantitative from qualitative data preparation. Discuss how you would code and analyze the data. For qualitative data, explain how you would theme the data, identifying potential labels and codes. Explain how you would tabulate results from themed qualitative data and highlight noteworthy quotes. Describe the descriptive and/or inferential statistics you would propose using, explaining the associated measures and the variables involved (e.g., mode, median, mean, crosstabs, correlations, regression). Explain how these measures would permit you to effectively test your research hypothesis.
  • Additional Issues or Resources: What additional steps would you need to take to obtain access to study subjects or data for your research? What additional resources would you need to collect and analyze the data you want? For example, would you need pens, pencils, and paper for survey administration, or might you administer your survey online? If online, how would you do that? If proposing some aspect of field observation, what data collection forms would you need to record observations? Explain your responses.
  1. Ethical Research: This unit examined ethical considerations involved in applied research. Obstacles can arise during the research that may pose ethical dilemmas or issues that must be addressed. Reflecting on the information learned from the unit readings, revise the preliminary ethical considerations section that you completed in CJ525 to address the following:
  • Ethical Considerations: Discuss the ethical issues that would need to be addressed before conducting your proposed study. Such issues include but are not limited to honesty, confidentiality, carefulness, objectivity, and respect for intellectual property, openness, and human subject considerations. Describe how you would ensure the protection of any human subjects and confidentiality of data for your proposed study, including how you would ensure informed consent of all study participants. Attach an example of the consent form you would use for your proposed study. Include the consent form as an attachment to your Unit 5 Assignment and submit it with your proposal to the unit Dropbox.

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