Identification area of law

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ColdCarry is a Logistics and Transport company specialized in storing and transferring frozen items. The company recently purchased 50 ice-lined refrigerators (ILR) designed for safe storage of vaccines, pharmaceutical products, blood bags, et al., at the required temperature approved by the World Health Organization. The demand for this item is exceptionally high in Covid-19 pandemic prevention services, and all delivery workers are extremely busy. The company needed to hire additional workers to help with the delivery services.

The new workers are not used to a hectic schedule and often make mistakes in performing their tasks. One of the new workers suspected that he inadvertently turned off the car engine while refueling on the highway, causing a power failure to the ILR installed on the supply van. In such a situation, someone must turn on the power switch manually within 3 hours. However, when he discovered the blunder after arrival at the destination, he could not remember precisely when he refueled the vehicle. It could have happened three to three and a half hours earlier. He firmly believed that his carelessness would only cause a minor effect on the vaccines.

However, he immediately called his supervisor, one of the company’s directors, to inform the incident. The supervisors said, ‘three thousand people will be vaccinated tomorrow in that red zone; now we have very little time to replace the vaccines’ and hung up the phone.


– Identify the area of law based on the scenario given

– Give the example of a similar case(s).

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