Human Resource Management in Context

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Write an assignment of 2000 words based on the instruction given below:


Critically explain below given each challenge and develop a unique solution on how the

organisation can overcome the following HR challenges, and make sure to include examples for

each of the challenges.

A. Managing higher compensation demands; (500 words)

B. Overcoming high employee turnover; (500 words)

C. Finding talent in a candidate-driven market; (500 words)

D. Managing Organisational Politics; (500 words)

Assignment Guidelines:

Please read the following ten points carefully before you start your portfolio:

1. You must provide analysis for all four tasks. Each task required 500 words.

2. Total number of words required for the four tasks is 2000 words respectively. (+ or – 10%)

that go over the word count will have marks deducted.

1. Ensure to follow and write the specific task given accordingly and do not mix the sequence,

always follow the order of the task.

2. Relevant theories and citations, must be included in every task.

3. Make sure to organize your thoughts, words and analyses, proper spelling in British English

must be observed.

5. A minimum of 10 academic references must use within this assignment

6. You must acknowledge all your source(s) and all work should be correctly referenced using

the standard Harvard referencing style adopted by the college, with a complete reference

list at the end of the assignment. There is a guide on Moodle.

7. You should illustrate your answer with real life examples as this highlights your

understanding of academic theory and your ability to apply practice to theory and theory to


8. If you only research using just the recommended text from the reading list and/or base your

essays on the lecture material alone, you will not gain high marks.

9. If you wish to gain higher marks you will need to engage in further reading using not just

textbooks and but also articles, and you should read around the topics.

10. Write total word count just before the reference page

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