History Question

I’m working on a history multi-part question and need support to help me learn.

NOTE : Please Watch the video you’ll find the question in the video and you can answer them only from the video and from the reading that I upload for you Do not use any other resource. If you did I’ll get zero. So, pleas Do Not Use Any Other resources.

Please watch the video entitled “1930s – Part Two (CSUDH History 101 Lecture #25)” on Youtube. The video link is below:

There are six questions in the video worth a total of 15 points. They are not that difficult but please use short quotes from the primary sources when applicable and then restate your quotes for full credit. A lot of the questions are on the fun side. Please submit your answers here.

Here is a very important note about one of the questions. In the video, I ask about the definition of cynicism. Many students look up the definition on Google but misread and misinterpret the meaning. Google says that cynicism is the BELIEF that many are motivated by self-interest. I put belief in capitals because many students skip that word and write that cynicism is self-interest and then they get the question wrong. Cynicism is pessimism. Please listen to what I say in the video and you will be fine. I hope you read this.

In addition,on the categories for the criminals, once again, note the chart carefully and please know that “spon” stands for spontaneous.

With the question about War of the Worlds, please list why this could be plausible (again, this is in the lecture). What was going on in Europe at the same time (hint)?

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