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HI 312

Take-Home Exam


You should answer four of the following questions in paragraph format. Each question is worth ten points.

You must reference at least two readings per question (assigned readings or readings that are part of class material). You must provide citations for the sources you use (the citation style is up to you).

Type your answers in a Word document and submit it to Canvas. You should write at least 250 words per question, but a complete response may be longer.

The exam is due on MARCH 31 at 11:59 pm. After a ten-minute grace period, there is a late penalty of 1 point a day.


These five questions ask you to analyze the course content. The goal is to make connections among the course concepts.

You should rely on the course readings as well as class materials to answer these questions, and you are not expected to conduct outside research.

These questions are intentionally very broad. You should choose a few examples from the course material that relate to the question to help you answer it.


How has your understanding of the concept of race changed by studying it in different historical contexts (different times and places)?

How did groups in Europe and/or Europe’s colonies that were targeted by racism respond, and why?

In what ways did groups in Europe and/or Europe’s colonies construct their identities when confronted with concepts of race, and why?

How did other identities and concepts (such as religion, gender, science, nationalism) impact the definition of race in Europe and/or Europe’s colonies, and why?

How did concepts of race contribute to violence against targeted groups in Europe and/or Europe’s colonies, and why?

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