History Question


you will tell African history to a non-academic or non-history minded audience. This is meant to be a more creative assignment (artistic ability is not judged, simply effort). Why does African history matter to 21st century audiences? Here are the parameters:

1.It can take any form you’d like, including: traditional essay (limit of 1,000 words), Facebook posts/memes, blog posts, Tweets, a song, a graphic novel, a series of t-shirt designs, a TED talk … anything that communicates knowledge well. However, you must include a paragraph of at least 4 sentences justifying your decision. Why did you pick a medium? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

2.You need to include 8 sources with at least 4 primary sources. Cite them however you wish, just make sure that each piece of information has a corresponding source (for example: if you make a Twitter thread, include the source as an image or citation in each tweet; for a poem or such, include a footnote by each line that addresses a topic; etc.).

3.Complexity and detail still matter.

Again, more information will be provided later in class.

Citations: Every argument and claim you make should be backed up by evidence. It can be quoted or paraphrased, but either way there needs to be a citation. A parenthetical is fine: for books, include the author’s name and the page number (Gomez, 7); for videos, the title of the video is fine (The Language You Cry In); for images or maps, simply include the name of the image/map and author, if there is one (al-Idrisi, “World Map”). Please stick to sources from this class. They should provide enough information for you to answer the questions adequately. If you have an outside source you really want to use, email it to me for approval. History.com and Encyclopedia Britannia sources are typically not going to be good enough.

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