History Question

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read the following two article “Rethinking Jamestown” by Jeffrey L. Sheler published in Smithsonian Magazine in January 2005. The article follows after the questions, but you may read it digitally if you Google “Smithsonian Magazine Rethinking Jamestown.” Although the article is a bit dated, it provides the story of the initial years of archaeological discoveries at the Jamestown site and how these discoveries challenged traditional views of Jamestown.

After a close reading of the article, answer the following questions with insight and clarity. Your answers will largely be written summaries of the article’s main points and content. Use much of your own words as possible and avoid implementing too many exact words from the article. Type and proofread your responses. Single or double-spaced is up to you. Provide one-two paragraphs for the three (3) point questions and two-three paragraphs for the five (5) point questions.


What have been some of the traditional views and interpretations as to why the Jamestown colony nearly perished? Hint: Look at what one historian in 1936 said about Jamestown.

2. Provide specific examples from the article how archaeological discoveries and artifacts reinterpreted the story of the Jamestown settlement in these two ways: the previous view of an undersupplied colony and revealing greater Native American presence and contact within the colony. (5 points)

3. What was revealed in the landmark 1998 climate study of Jamestown colony that brought a new understanding as to why the colony almost perished? How did these findings help revaluate or refute previous historical views? Or are these climate findings inconclusive?

4. According to Sheler, what potential pitfalls could yield inaccurate conclusions when examining artifacts from the Jamestown site? In other words, why could some argue archaeology is an inexact science? How do site director Bill Kelso and project curator Beverly Straube respond to these pitfalls? (3 points)

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