Health & Medical Question

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Prepare a four- to five-page paper in which you:

  • Summarize the functions of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • Identify and summarize a minimum of four milestones in U.S. Food and Drug law history.
  • Compare and contrast the four major stages (pre-clinical investigation, clinical investigation, submission of a NDA with review, and post marketing studies) for a new drug to be approved by the FDA.
  • Identify three drugs approved by the FDA within the past 12 months. Include the name, the date approved, and the purpose of the drug.

In addition, drugs can be categorized by their therapeutic classification (therapeutic usefulness) or by their pharmacological classification (how they work pharmacologically). Give an example of three therapeutic classifications and three pharmacological classifications.

Your paper should be four to five pages long, excluding the title and reference pages, and formatted according to APA style guidelines as outlined by the Ashford Writing Center. You should use a minimum of two scholarly sources, excluding the textbook, to support your points.

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