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Based upon the readings and assignments throughout this course, select ONE priority policy or advocacy issue in the long-term care industry that needs prompt attention, study, and resources in the coming year. Support and evidence for your selected issue may be found at the AARP siteAHRQ’s site, the NCOA site, or other industry or older and/or disability advocacy groups.

Prepare a 6-8 page paper defining the issue/need for advocacy with supporting evidence and data as well as a detailed plan of action and role for long term care leadership.

Outline for your paper:

  • (10 points) Identification of the critical policy issue OR advocacy issue with supporting data and evidence that is of concern in the long-term care industry(could be quality of life, medication safety, workforce development in long term care, caregiver support, quality data management, etc.)
  • (10 points) Recommendations and detailed plan of action
  • (7 points) Resources for support (financial, organizational, legislators, etc.)
  • (10 points)Role of long-term care leadership for this policy issue OR advocacy issue
  • (5 points) Conclusion

Points Possible: 50

42 points Content as indicated above

8 points Utilization of writing guidelines – LEVEL 3

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