film440 Principles of Film Form Discussion – Life After Life

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1.Watch the film then answer the prompt and respond to two of your classmates. Be sure to use and define at least three cinematic terms from chapters 1 or 2

Life After Life (2018) Directed by Tamara Perkins Watch on Skyline Library…( I can share my student account for you to access, just ask me for that)

Using Chapter 2 as a guide, discuss a scene from Life After Life and how it synthesized elements of mise-en-scène, sound, narrative, and editing to intentionally construct and express meaning? In what ways did the Director/film manipulate space and time? What impact did this manipulation have on the meaning and/or your perception of the story and characters? What other elements of film form did you notice, or stood out to you?

Use the Screening Checklists from Chapters 1 and 2 as an additional reference tool.

After you answer the question, can you sent me the work asap. Then I can submit it to see other people’s discussion for you to write the response

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