Extension Contrast on Color Theory

I’m working on a art exercise and need support to help me learn.

Need help with two things, they are very easy to do! I will provide examples to help you out. Just copy the examples and you will be fine!!

Part A – Create a balanced rectilinear composition that employs the ratios established by Von Goethe for harmonious color use – yellow/violet – 1:3, orange/blue – 1:2, red/green – 1:1. At least twelve distinct divisions for separate color areas are required. Either use colors in full saturation only or use six colors and their tints used proportionately to how light each saturated hue is tinted. An example might be the use of violet. At its normal #3 value and saturation, you would use three times as much of it as you would yellow at full strength. But, if you tint violet to a #6 value, you would need to dedicate only twice as much space to it, relative to the same yellow.

Part B – Create a rectilinear composition that exhibits the effect of extension contrast. Use the same outside dimensions as in Part A, but adjust your composition to accommodate the need for changing color balance in such a way that areas of disproportionate smallness and proximity to their complements, create focal points.

Format: Rectangle – 5 x 9” on both part A and part B.

I will provide examples so just copy the examples, I need someone artistic that understands color theory!

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