Entrepreneurship Question

I’m working on a entrepreneurship report and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Create a unique business idea, explain, and deliver: Value Proposition, Customer Segments, Customer Relations, Customer Channels

Document framework:

i. Using Business Model Canvas as a framework you will create a first partial draft of your own business idea .

ii. Complete only 4 sections of the Business Model Canvas: Value Proposition; Customer Segments; Customer Channels; Customer Relations.

iii. The 4 sections are based on Osterwalder pages 1 – 45 of the text material.

iv. The paper should be professional business style writing, but only the Reference Section is required to be APA.

v. Cover page and Reference page are part of the 10 pages.

vi. Use the Business Model Canvas diagram as appropriate.

vii. Create sections/headings/subtitles as you determine to be most effectively organized and presented.

viii. Ensure a clear, well thought, detailed and persuasive “Value Proposition” section- what makes your idea unique and potentially successful in that sector compared to the competition/existing product/service/businesses.

ix. It is good/ok to be creative, including thinking through and clearly identifying and explaining potential client segments, client channels and client resources.

x. Do not do financials (cost structure/revenue-prosperity sources) xi. Do not provide key activities, resources, partner sections.

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