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Write a 500 word essay practicing one of the genres we explored in this week’s learning module. Use one of the writing prompts below to develop your writing assignment. Follow the guidelines in the Explore learning module in developing your essay.

1. What is one moment where you were afraid to do something but did it anyway?
2. Make a list of every area of expertise you have, e.g. writing, playing an instrument, etc. Then choose one of those areas of expertise and write for about what you’ve learned.
3. Describe the situation and how you felt the first time you saw the love of your life.
4. Share the story of one time you were betrayed.
5. Have you ever encountered death? Write about your encounter with death and how you experienced it.
Write a review of a recent book you’ve read, movie you’ve seen, concert you’ve attended/album you’ve listened to, or product you’ve purchased.
Write a commentary in response to any current event that you’ve seen in the media recently. Remember commentaries offer a new angle to an ongoing public conversation. The goal of commentaries is to convince readers that the opinion of the person writing the commentary is more convincing. When writing a commentary, it is important to make clear points that are understood easily by readers. At the same time, readers of commentaries want to learn something new while figuring out how someone else views an issue or event of interest.
Imagine you would like to see a change made at your school or place of work. Write a proposal to the decision-maker, outlining your proposal and how it should be deployed.

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