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  • Modernism and Postmodernism
    • How does the view of technology and/or what is new change from modernism to postmodernism? Use Eliot (modernism) and Delillo (postmodernism) to compare and contrast modernism and postmodernism.
      • You may want to consider: What is modernism? What is postmodernism? What do modernism and postmodernism say about technology and/or what is new? How does the literature demonstrate your ideas? How do these movements shape human character in the works (Prufrock and Jack/Heinrich)?
      • (Use quotes and examples from both works of literature.)
  • American Identity
    • Develop an argument to explain the role of money in 2 of the following: Do the Right Thing, “What You Pawn I Will Redeem,” or “Recitatif.” How and why is money important in these works?
      • What are standard views of money and work? Who has money and who doesn’t? Who owns businesses/property and who doesn’t? How does having or lacking money impact the characters (particularly Mookie and Sal; Jackson Jackson; and/or Twyla and Roberta). How does American culture value money?

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