English Question

I’m working on a english report and need support to help me learn.


Instruction is attached below.

Must follow the instruction, and the essay list for chosen, I have attached below.

Thank you.

The essay list you could choose from, but must from below:

Robert Gibson’s essay (page 151),

Kilian, “Health Populism” (p. 156).

“The Future of Machines with Feelings” (p. 207),

“The Psychology of Eating Animals” (p.284),

Vazire and Carlson, “Others Sometimes Know Us Better than We Know Ourselves (p. 296),

“Thinking “Bigger than Me” in the Liberal Arts,” (p.229)

“Do You Have the Brain of a CEO?” (p. 234).

Richelle Dubois and Michelle Stewart, “Colonial Courts and Settler Justice” (277),

Ian Mosby, “Canada 150 and the Truth about Reconciliation” (272)

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