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Stories: “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant

“A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner

“The Story for an Hour” by Kate Chopin

Answer the following questions on separate sheet of paper.

“The Necklace”

1.Why does Mathilde believe that that she deserves much more than what she has? What about her life makes her suffer?

2.What is her attitude toward her husband? What is her husband’s attitude toward her?

3.What special efforts does her husband make to make her feel happy? How does she react to his efforts?

4.Does she reciprocate thankfully to her husband’s efforts? Why?

5.How does the party go?

6.How does the couple react to the loss of the necklace? What did they have to do to pay for the cost of the Necklace?

7.What makes the ending of the story ironic?

8.What is the tone of the story? What kind of mood does it create?

“A Rose for Emily”

1.What is the setting of the story? What makes the setting crucial?

2.Characterize Emily. What events in her life make her the person she becomes?

3.Who is Homer? Why do the townspeople object to her relationship with him?

4.Why do Emily and Homer break up? How does she still keep him faithful?

5.Is the title of the story appropriate? Analyze your answer.

“The Story of an Hour”

1. What bad news is disclosed to Louise Mallard at the beginning of the story? Why was the news broken to her very gently? What was her initial reaction?

2.What does the open window in Louise’s room symbolize? What is ironic about her feelings once she reaches her room?

3.What literary technique is used when the scene outside her window is described?

4.What literary technique do the words “monstrous joy” exemplify?

5.What do the last words of the story, “of the joy that kills” mean in the context to what the story is about?

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