English discussion

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In Week 5 Homework 1 and Homework 2 you chose a different story for Paper 2 and identified a theme (or themes). Presumably, you noticed this theme because in some way you connected with it. Maybe you recognize elements of your own life, or those of people you know, or of public figures, in the story’s characters and events. Maybe the theme speaks to your own experience. Even if there is not a personal connection, themes can still resonate with us. And, even if the story you chose is fictional and set in another time, place, or universe, a powerful literary work should have elements that we can identify as common to our own realities.

For this question, reflect on the theme or themes you chose last week for your selected story for Paper 2 and try to make these connections.

  • Does the story remind you of events, people, emotions, or experiences you are familiar with? (You don’t need to write about your own experience if you’re not comfortable doing so; it’s fine to write about people you know, or public figures.)
  • Did you learn anything from the story that could be applied to your own experience? Talk about the connections you feel to the story.

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