Ecology Question

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Prompt 1— (Chapter 11) How might political boundaries affect conservation efforts? Please use specific examples (e.g., the monarch butterfly) to make your arguments. I expect to see at least 2 major ecological effects.

Prompt 2— (Chapter 11) The cane toad (Rhinella marina), which is toxic, is native to Central America, but it has been introduced by humans and now thrives in Florida. What does this suggest about the cause of the toad’s historical geographic range (i.e., explain why we did not see cane toads in Florida before)? How might we use an ecological niche model to predict the future spread of the cane toad?

Prompt 3— (Chapter 12) Define what ‘density dependent effect’ is. What is its relationship with the logistic population growth model? What evidence would you need to determine whether a population experiences negative density dependence or positive density dependence? Please use a hypothetical population to argue your points. (Note: there are 3 subtasks in this prompt.)

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