Write about diversity in RedSox

Write about diversity in RedSox

Write about diversity in RedSox. Explain the concept (cite your sources). 2. Explain the context in which the concept is applied and observed. 3. Discuss concept and application in the context of using critical thinking and thorough research. Use at least 3 different sources in addition to the textbook for each concept. 4. Tell me what you’ve learned about the organization in the light of that OB concept. 5. Provide at least 1 actionable recommendation to the organization for alternative processes or improvements to existing processes supporting the particular application of each of the OB concepts studied (minimum 1 recommendation per concept)

Diversity is one of the OB concept, it is my part
So we need to write diversity in RedSox. The docx have an interview question with the CFO of RedSox about diversity. Then we need to find 3 different sources to discuses it.

Interview with CFO of RedSox ( Tim Zue)

Describe importance of diversity in/outside sox organization, ANY EX OF HOW THAT EFFECTS CULTURE

Variety of positions however operate by complimenting each other, we work together rather than competing–since we all have same goal

Ex. Troup Parkinson who is Exec Vp of Red Sox …clients and co workers love him–”extroverted” –partnerships

Tim introverted-best days are banging out spreadsheet of data

Works with head of marketing  & ticket pricing


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Write about diversity in RedSox