Write a detailed improved Computer Security

Write a detailed improved Computer Security

Write a detailed improved Computer Security. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and Worm attacks are common attack types, targeting both hosts and networks. Your task is to select one attack type from either DDoS or Worm attacks as the basis for your report and explain and graphically depict all components of the attack by addressing the following two requirements:

  1. Develop a detailed walkthrough of how your chosen attack type would theoretically operate in the real-world. This section should clearly represent each stage of the attack with supportive discussions.
  2. Select one real world example of your chosen attack type and proceed to identify and explain the intricacies of that incident. By explaining your selected real-world incident, you should at a minimum answer the following questions:
    1. What was the outcome of your chosen incident?
    2. What was the impact of your chosen incident?
    3. Which aim(s) of security was breached and what were the resultant consequences?
    4. What specific action(s) did the vendor/company/organization take to address the issue?
    5. More information
      • The report should make use of well thought out diagrams or flow charts (where applicable) to demonstrate the procedure by which the attack type would typically be performed.
      • Your target audience has very little understanding of cyber security. As a result, you must ensure that you communicate your report outcomes in a simple manner. Using complex descriptions or terminology will result in a loss of marks. Use acronyms correctly. Use analogies if it enables you to communicate the identified issue in a simplistic manner.
      • You must make use of adequate in-text references throughout your entire report.
      • Be creative in how you chose to communicate your findings. The report does not have to be a large collection of paraphrased text. Diagrams are a much more effective way of communicating an idea or concept. Tables and charts are an effective way to draw comparisons or contrast different ideas

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