What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

What would you do?

Read the two following scenarios:
1) A group of friends gathered at a local restaurant franchise for dinner. Midway through their meal, they noticed a mouse dart out between two booths and called the furry patron to the attention of their waiter. The waiter said, and walked away.  When the waiter returned, the group asked what was going to be done about the mouse.  The waiter said he would speak with the manager.
Eventually, the manager entered the picture and told the diners,All restaurants have mice whether you see them or not. I can take care of your bill, but there nothing else I can do about it. Not surprisingly, the patrons left the restaurant in
a hurry, never to return again.
2) A customer purchased a new mobile phone from a reputable cell phone provider. Several months later, the phone started to malfunction and the customer sent the phone back to the company for service. The company stated that they would not replace the phone because it showed signs of corrosion on the battery. The phone had not been exposed to water, and subsequent calls to customer service were met with the ridiculous excuse that the corrosion was the
result of normal exposure to air – but that the company still would not replace it or fix the problem free of charge.
For each case, describe what you would do if you were the customer service professional.  Then describe what you would do if you were the manager.  Use what you learned over the first five chapters of the textbook to discuss:
a. Possible differences in company service policies,
b. Differences in culture,
c. Verbal and nonverbal communication,
d. Listening and obstacles,
e. How you would have reacted if you were the customer and if you were the customer service professional.
Your Conversation:
Your last challenge will be to call or go to a store of your choice.  You are to engage a customer service representative in a conversation.  The conversation can be about anything related to the store, the overall business, returning a product, how to use a service or perhaps a kiosk, the price and/or availability of an item, etc..  Observe both their verbal and nonverbal
communications.  Then, in your paper, discuss your perception of the customer service representative, the overall appearance of the store and the company as a whole.  Did you perceive the customer service representative to be knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, inviting, talkative, etc.?  If so, did the representative use techniques discussed in the textbook and what where they?  If not, what could they have done to make your experience better.  Did it jeopardize your overall view of the business itself?  Were you happy with the service and would you return to the store?  Why or why not?

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What Would You Do.