Vision and Mission Statement Responses

Vision and Mission Statement Responses

Vision and Mission Statement Responses Worth 25 pts.): This first discussion board is your opportunity to virtually meet your classmates, find a study partner, and develop your professional network. Respond to at least two classmates’ posts by providing feedback on their statements and/or beginning a collegial relationship.  In order to receive full credit your reply to the original question and your peer comments must be on two separate days. (There is a 20% penalty for posting responses on the same day.)  You must reply to at least two classmates’ postings with a minimum of 50 words each.

sebastian riella

#1 Vision Statement: Long term, I hope to be traveling the world, as well as creating movies and documentaries about different subjects that interest me at the time. I would hope to become someone that is a family man, that can provide for his family and give back to those who gave to him.
Mission Statement: Short term, I plan on continuing to create art and become versatile in my craft. Learn as much as I can, and continue to create my own style that I can be known for. I also hope to continue to learn as much as possible about myself. What makes me me, as well as what doesn’t make me me. Always trying to be better than the day before, and making strides to continue to chase my hero.  

#2 estefanie

My vision statement is owning and running my own social media marketing company. Working alongside other professionals to help businesses and companies worldwide reach a bigger audience and grow their clientele. Having several companies that I run their social media and advertising campaigns for. And on the side, being a campaign model for different fashion, makeup, and lifestyle brands.

My mission statement is to work with large companies in social media marketing and gain as much knowledge, tips, and tricks as possible to go off on my own. Also, start reaching out to brands and businesses in need of models for their campaigns and continue to grow my portfolio with smaller paid shoots and videos. 

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Vision and Mission Statement Responses

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