The Future of Terrorism

The Future of Terrorism

Chapter 15: What Next? The Future of Terrorism
How serious is the threat from abuses in the use of new technologies?

How should new technologies be regulated? Can they be regulated?

Is it sometimes necessary to sacrifice a few freedoms to protect national security and to ensure the long-term viability of civil liberty?

Should the same protocols be used for domestic electronic surveillance and foreign surveillance? Why?

What is the likelihood that new surveillance technologies will be used as tools of repression by authoritarian regimes in the near future?
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Chapter 11:

Part A: What do we mean by Nation States? Provide an example of a Nation State.

Part B: What do we mean by the containment policy as it relates to the intelligence implication of containment? Please explain.

Part C: Why do you think the Russian government is so interested in undermining the democracy of the United States? What do you think we should do about it? Why?

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The Future of Terrorism

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