Shesol Supreme Power papers

Shesol Supreme Power papers

Shesol’s Supreme Power papers. Directions:

1.      The purpose of the exercise is to demonstrate your comprehension of the subject matter.

2.      Your focus should be on legal history, constitutional law, and judicial politics, with congressional and electoral politics as a secondary emphasis.

4.      When writing please be as specific as possible – Avoid general statements.

5.      Use formal language – not casual and conversational.  

6.       Short quotes are permitted but must be followed by a citation or attribution. For example (Shesol, 78).

7.      Do not use outside sources

8.      No flowery introductions or conclusions are necessary (e.g., “ as the sun rises/sets over the Court…”)

9.      The papers should each be at minimum 5 pages long (double space standard font)

12.   Use proper grammar, sentence construction, organization, clarity, and citations.

Answer as many of these questions as possible

a)      The Court is understood to be an oracle above politics but in 1937.

b)      What did the Court look like (composition) when FDR first took office?

c)      Who were the justices and what were their philosophies?

d)     Would you say that at that time justices adhered to particular “schools of thought?”

e)      Who were in the cast of in the story?

f)       Why did FDR believe that the Court would not “cross him?”

g)      Early on which justice seemed most concerned with the New Deal cases?

j)      What was the Liberty League?

k)      What was behind FDR’s plan to overwhelm Court with New Deal policies

l)       Around chapter 14 the “packing” begins!

m)    What was his plan to curb the Court?

n)      What was the reaction to his plan? Who and what pushed back?

o)      What was FDR’s defense of his plan?

(The papers have been attached)

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 Shesol Supreme Power papers

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