Self-Concept and Motivation Assignment

Self-Concept and Motivation Assignment

Self-Concept and Motivation Assignment
Who Are You and What Drives You?


The purpose of this assignment is to enable you to identify different parts of your self-concept and how you use that self-concept to motivate behavior, to address life challenges, to affect self-efficacy and to build and maintain relationships. Our self-concept is made up of a combination of different parts – who we are, what we’ve done, how we cope, how we see ourselves, etc. Look at the example below for some ideas.

Part I: Draw a picture of your self-concept.

You can use mapping software or you can draw the map by hand and upload/scan a picture.
Online Mapping Program (Requires Adobe Flash) (one option for software); Lucidchart

Part II: Reflection

Now that you have spent some time exploring the elements of your self-concept, really looking at who you are and what experiences have shaped your self-understanding, please reflect on the following questions:
● How are self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-concept related?
● How do self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-concept affect relationships (love, friend, work)?
● Use some examples from your self-concept map to answer the above.
○ For example, you can discuss how you didn’t study for a math test and failed the test. Did that make you question your ability to be successful in math (self- efficacy)? Did you question your own intelligence (self-concept) or self-worth (self-esteem)? Or, did you realize that maybe it was just not the right approach and more study time would have helped you to be more successful (coping strategies)? Did you seek out support to ensure success in the future (relationship impact)?

Part III: Theories of Motivation

For this section, you are going to examine and apply theories of motivation.

  1. Identify three different goals (personal, academic, professional, health, etc.) that you would like to achieve or that you are working toward. When setting goals, remember to make them as specific as possible, measurable, and stated in a positive way. Examples:
    a. I will have earned _ degree by May 2021 vs. I will graduate from college b. I will eat servings of vegetables and fruit vs. I will not eat junk food.
    c. I will earn _
    results on my evaluation at work in the next 6 months vs I will be better at work.
  2. Considering the following theories of motivation (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation, and Achievement Motives), answer the questions below:
    a. For each of your goals, which theory can be best applied to explain your motivation to achieve this goal?
    b. How does establishing some goals and understanding the motivation behind your behavior affect your productivity and performance?
    c. How could your goals and motivation lead to conflicts and difficulties in your relationships with others?


● Follow APA guidelines to format your response
● Support factual information and assertions with credible and/or scholarly sources.
● Use in-text citations and include a references page – APA format.

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Self-Concept and Motivation Assignment

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