Put together a package for a position in a company for whom you would like to work

Put together a package for a position in a company for whom you would like to work

This week, you will be asked to put together a “package” for a position in a company for whom you would like to work. Imagine, for a moment your dream job in a company in your area or even nationally that meets with your career goals. With that company in mind, you will complete the following:

This is a Four (4) parts assignment and ALL Four parts should be completed.
(You can choose a position and a company that relates to homeland security because you will use the same company for ALL four assignments)

1. Assignment #1 Write a Prospecting Letter

Part 1: Prospecting Letter (unsolicited letter): Write a cover letter to accompany your resume contacting the company asking that they consider granting you an interview. Although there is no position advertised, many companies are open to new hires.
1. Assignment #1 Write a Prospecting Letter
Write a Prospecting Letter. See Unit 7, Module 28, pp. 474-481
A prospecting letter is, in short, a letter written to a company that is NOT actively searching for a candidate publicly. Pick a company you would like to work for and apply for a specific position. This company can be a local company such as a hospital near your home or it can be a national company, such as an S&P 500 Tech Firm. The position for which you are crafting this letter can be one that already exists or one that you would create if you could to match your unique blend of talents.
Please do NOT reply to a job posting as that is NOT a prospecting letter.
Address your letter to the correct person or office. This may take some research. Follow the principles and examples provided in the pages mentioned above. Take some time to assess your interests and qualifications, too, as these are the first step in the employment process.

Assignment #2 Write A Resume

Part 2: Resume: Include a resume tailored for the position for which you wish to be considered in your targeted company. Do NOT just copy and paste your resume. Read the relevant material in your book listed below and craft an articulate and well-written resume written specifically for the position.

2. Write A Resume

Write a Resume that an Employer Will Notice. See Unit 7, Module 27, pp. 449-470
Thinking about the company you chose for the assignment above (the prospecting letter) and what it would be looking for in the position you desire, craft a resume that you would attach to your prospective letter. The resume should
demonstrate how your qualifications fit the job (LO 27-1),
be attractive and grammatically sound (LO 27-2),
have a clear and specific career objective listed (LO 27-5),
and have a list of references readily available (“Available upon request” is NOT acceptable).
You may create a resume that employs any of the examples (i.e. chronological, skills, etc.) mentioned in Module 27. Pay particular attention to “action verbs” (pp. 457-458)
Do NOT just submit any old resume you have used for many years.

Assignment #3 Write a Formal Letter Recommendation

Part 3: Write a Formal Letter Recommendation
3. Request for a Letter of Recommendation. Imagine you need to include a letter of recommendation. Ask the instructor of this class for one tailored to that specific letter. Be sure to apply concepts of reader benefits and building goodwill in this formal request to your instructor.
FORMAL LETTER: Request a Letter of Recommendation from Your Instructor. See Unit 3, Module 9, pp. 126-137
When submitting your prospective letter and resume from above, imagine you also wish to include a letter of recommendation from the instructor of this class. Create a formal letter that requests such a recommendation. What information does your instructor need to include? You would want to indicate the company and the position. It would also be good to include accomplishments that you would like included and, in particular, what you have done in your instructor’s class that makes you a good candidate for him or her to recommend.
Refer to pp. 202-203 for information that should be included in the recommendation letter .
Also, see 12.21 Items “A” and “B” on p. 213.
Here are some additional pieces of information you would likely want your instructor to address:
What information you would like to see included in the letter
To whom to send the letter
When the letter needs to receive
Where to send the letter

Assignment # 4 Follow-Up with an Interviewer.

Follow-Up Email. Finally, construct an email to the company thanking the person with whom you interviewed for the position around which this series of assignments is centered.
Write an Email
FORMAL EMAIL: Follow-Up with an Interviewer. See Unit 3, Module 13, pp. 217-227; Unit 7, Module 30, pp. 507-512
Imagine you have completed an interview for the position for which you completed the prospecting letter, your resume, and the recommendation from your instructor. Send an email thanking the person you met. Thank your interviewer for his or her hospitality. Demonstrate that you listened closely. Make yourself stand out by reiterating any points that you want the interviewer to remember about you, your interview, and your skills. Remind them of points that stood out during the interview and that separated you from everyone else (This may take creativity). Allay any negatives that remain. Be enthusiastic about the company. See pp. 508-509 for additional help.
TIP: It is illegal to ask the question, “Have you ever been arrested for a crime?” during an interview.
For Formal Email, Writing see p. 219 for examples of how to format an email for professional inquiries. Click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzC0tx1HoYM for a video on dealing with illegal questions.

Again This Assignment has Four (4) Tasks and each must be complete in a single page

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Put together a package for a position in a company for whom you would like to work

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