Prepare individual persuasive assignment

Prepare individual persuasive assignment

Each student will prepare a persuasive paper that is  according to APA format.
Purpose = Persuade this target audience audience to adopt a new direction (i.e. develop a new business process, product and/or service).
Target Audience = Company's decision-makers (see specific list below)

Approach = Provide concrete and tangible directives for the organization. Include evidence supported by research. Be sure to include at least 4 aspects of persuasion including clear awareness of audience, establishing credibility, etc.
A US-based company specializes in delicious, healthy, quick-to-prepare meals for busy people and their families they call “QuickChef Cuisine.”
All natural, local ingredients
Variety of delicious main course choices for meat-eaters, fish-lovers, vegetarians, as well as for people on a religious type diet such as kosher and halal
Also, a variety of delicious desserts suitable for US-based customer preferences
Who decides? This is your target audience, i.e. QuickChef Cuisine's top decision- makers. These Executives on the Company’s decision-making team have not traveled overseas, but heard that 95% of the world’s customers live outside the USA by population number.

 Who are you in this whole picture? What is your perspective?
o You are their first international hire to work in the USA business. They
realize that you can help them look at things in a new way. Perhaps you can
help them understand an overseas market that would otherwise be
impossible for them to tackle. They trust you to help them understand the
opportunity and challenges. To help them decide whether they should go
international and if so, how they might need to adapt from an
intercultural business perspective their communications, products and
services, as well as their business operations (such as Research &
Development, Production, Marketing & Sales for example).

 Please pick one of the following countries and present a Persuasive Paper that
the Executives can consider taking a new direction, making a new product or service,
or combination of these things. What are the opportunities? How do you know? What
are the challenges? How do you know? Basically, how is the country you select
different from the USA where QuickChef Cuisine is now successful? What are next
steps that you might recommend?
o China
o India
o Sweden
o Italy
o Singapore


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