Planning and implementation of an organizational change for Nokia company

Planning and implementation of an organizational change for Nokia company

Select a real case from an organization with which you are familiar (Nokia company). This case should focus on the planning and implementation (or attempted implementation) of an organizational change. For example, the change might have been the introduction of a computerized charting system; a change from team nursing to primary nursing; a new way of ordering supplies for your hospital; the introduction of a new dress code or a revised policy regarding personnel issues; or the merger of two departments with distinct cultures. The possibilities are endless. Using a narrative format, write the events of the case including the key players involved. Take care to include sufficient detail to give yourself content to analyze. Your case study should be about 4 to 5 pages in length (typed and double-spaced). Remember, great writing is often succinct. I am reminded of the person who apologized saying, “I am sorry I would have written you a shorter letter but I didn’t have time.”

As you write the case study, take the perspective of a “fly on the wall” and provide the details in an unbiased voice. The case should be the story of the change only. Take care not to provide analysis or discussion at this point in the process (this will come later in the case analysis, Assignment 2). Include the organizational context and background to the change process in your narrative. Attempt to present your case in an original way. Remember to alter the names of the individuals and organizations referred to in the case to protect the identity of those involved. (See the marking guide called, “Feedback on Case Study Document” for more direction).
A Case Study – assignment 1

Tell me a story….this should be written in a short story format.


Grab the readers attention.
What is the change. What is the time frame, what is the location, what does the change hope to accomplish?
Keep this part short and to the point.


What precipitated the change?
Who are the key players in the change, what role do they fulfil?
Planning and Implementation

Was the change planned?
Were people forced to make the change?
Were people included in the process or were they simply informed of the change?
What were the feelings that took place when the change was implemented?


A short synopsis of the case that has been presented.


If you cite any sources in the case study they should appear here. This is not necessary unless you cite a source.

For the analysis of the case study (final assignment) you must provide a detailed examination of the elements of the situation. I suggest you use the following format so the paper flows smoothly.

Introduction to the paper – what is the paper about – what can I expect to read about?
Brief overview of the case study i.e. only the highlights – just a synopsis to remind me what it is
Informed discussion related to why the change occurred – main heading
What went well – sub-heading
What could/or should have been done differently to improve the outcome of the event – sub-heading

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Planning and implementation of an organizational change for Nokia company

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