Please answer 5 question of Pharmacology case study

Please answer 5 question of Pharmacology case study

Pharmacology : Case Study
Dr. Gregg

Ms. Hyper is a 29-year-old law student who has not seen a dentist since high school. She comes in today
for definitive scaling and root planing. She presents with Type III periodontal disease and heavy
subgingival calculus. Other than a history of asthma and nasal polyps, her medical history is
unremarkable. After taking vital signs and observing the patient, you notice that she is very pale in
complexion. She complains of “burning tongue” and frequent sores in the corners of her mouth
(angular cheilitis). Further observation of this patient reveals a red (“beefy”) nose with small “spider”
vessels on both sides. Upon further questioning you determine that Ms. Hyper bruises easily when she
bumps herself, and her physician has suggested that she might have a vitamin B deficiency. After
completing the procedure, your patient confides that she had a particularly difficult day in court and is
planning on going out tonight with a few friends for a drink.

1. What considerations should you have concerning this patient’s choice of over-the- counter pain medications? (aspirin, NSAIDs, acetaminophen)

2. When Ms. Hyper tells you that she has some Vicodin at home left over from her boyfriend’s wisdom tooth surgery, what should you tell her about the medication? What does Vicodin do to the CNS? What types of interactions should she be aware of?

3. This patient asks you for a prescription for a narcotic following today’s procedure. She is very specific about the name of the drug and also requests a refill on the script. Why is she doing this?

4. The doctor notices that this patient has gingivitis, glossitis, heavy bruxism, and TMJ. She wants to prescribe Peridex mouth rinse bid. Why might this not be a good idea for this particular patient?

5. Several days after seeing you this patient had a consultation with a periodontist who prescribed several things including Metronidazole and Oxycodone. What problems might these medications pose to her overall health? How effective are these medications for pain control and what are the interactions with alcohol?


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